Safe cycling infrastructure

Assess and improve the cycling infrastructure to prevent crashes

Lane Patrol offers data-driven insights to identify potential hazards and improvement of the cycling infrastructure to help reduce crashes and injuries.

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How Lane Patrol makes cycling safer


Easily mount a phone on a bike, and the app captures georeferenced photos of the cycling infrastructure automatically.


Leveraging the CycleRAP methodology, Lane Patrol automatically defines the level of risk to categorize the different areas of the infrastructure.


Lane Patrol automatically generates forecasted improvement scenarios that allow decision-makers to plan and improve the cycling infrastructure.

What is CycleRAP?

CycleRAP is a methodology developed by iRAP to evaluate road and bicycle infrastructure for safety. The main goal is to reduce accidents and improve safety, especially for bike users and other light mobility users, by identifying high-risk locations without the need for crash data.

Lane Patrol is a CycleRAP trusted Supplier

Lane Patrol is a licensed CycleRAP provider and defines +40 attributes of the cycling infrastructure. The tool helps policy makers, city planners and mobility experts in three main things: to understand the state of existing and new infrastructure, prioritise and plan updates, and communicate results based on data-driven objective data.

Making cycling safer worldwide

Lane Patrol is going places! We have worked on projects in 14 cities in 11 countries worldwide. From Barcelona and Madrid to Oxford and Helsinki. Check out the projects we’ve worked on, and keep an eye out for what’s coming.

Work with Lane Patrol

Lane Patrol SaaS

Using the Lane Patrol solution (mobile app to collect images, web app to implement assessment and data insights map and dashboard) you can leverage the international methodology Lane Patrol to help your cities or regions to map, assess, understand, and plan improvements for the safety and attractiveness of their cycling networks.

Consulting services

Contact us, and we’ll implement the CycleRAP methodology to map and prioritize your infrastructure to upgrade existing cycling infrastructure or create new, safe, and attractive cycling infrastructure.

Lane Patrol in action

When mounted on a bike, the Lane Patrol mobile app automatically captures georeferenced images of the cycling infrastructure. These are later synchronised with the web tool, which utilises vision models to assess safety with over 40 features, such as infrastructure width, protective barriers, and obstacles.

Check out the video of Lane Patrol’s cycle infrastructure survey in Skopje, North Macedonia.


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Assess and improve the cycling infrastructure to prevent accidents.Assess and improve the cycling infrastructure to prevent accidents.