How it works

Save lives with a safer cycling infrastructure

Lane Patrol offers data-driven insights to identify potential hazards and improvement of the cycling infrastructure to help reduce crashes and injuries.

How Lane Patrol Works

Lane Patrol is the only accredited tool to implement the international CycleRAP methodology, developed by iRAP, which is already operating in +120 countries globally.

The Lane Patrol mobile app, when mounted on a bike, automatically captures georeferenced images of the cycling infrastructure automatically. These are later synchronised with the web tool, which utilises vision models to assess safety with over 40 features, such as infrastructure width, protective barriers and obstacles.

Route planning

Before going out on the bike, plan the route to assess on the Lane Patrol web app. This step facilitates image collection with the mobile app.

Collect images with cycling

The Lane Patrol app is used to plan routes and collect images and data. Easily mount a phone on a bike, and the app captures georeferenced photos of the cycling infrastructure automatically.

Mapping and evaluation of the infrastructure features

The collected images synchronize with the web tool to begin mapping and characterizing the cycling infrastructure.
The cycling infrastructure is segmented (usually down to 10 meters) to define over 40 elements for each segment in detail, such as the width, the typology, if there are blocking objects on the route, etc.

Risk analysis

Leveraging the CycleRAP methodology, Lane Patrol automatically defines the level of risk to categorize the different areas of the infrastructure. Data can be filtered and aggregated with the help of visual aids to allow users to understand different contexts better.

Improvement scenarios

Using the Safety Treatment Model, Lane Patrol automatically generates forecasted improvement scenarios that allow decision-makers to plan and improve the cycling infrastructure in a standard and prioritized manner.

Start over

Creating and maintaining safe and attractive cycling infrastructure is an ongoing process. Thanks to Lane Patrol’s aid, it is possible to keep track of upgrades made on the ground. The analysis of the cycling infrastructure can be done yearly, twice a year (summer and winter), every time there’s a new cycling facility or any upgrade to existing ones, etc.

Cities that are using Lane Patrol

Lane Patrol is going places! We have worked on projects in 14 cities in 11 countries worldwide. From Barcelona and Madrid to Oxford, Helsinki and Bogotá. Check out the projects we’ve worked on and keep an eye out for what’s coming.

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